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Start Using Html5


There's a lot of hype going on about html5 nowadays. If you're not using html5 yet, the whole thing can be somewhat overwhelming. After reading this blogpost you'll be ready to upgrade your current project (or start a new one) using html5.

Understanding html5

I went to the bocaruby ruby users group earlier this month. I had some understanding of what html5 is capable of, but Diego Scataglini's presentation html5 a gentle introduction definitely expanded my knowledge. I recommend it as a solid introduction to what is different about html5.

Using html5

Often times after learning about a new technology a lot of programmers get stuck. This new functionality is great, but how I do I get started using it? It really helps to have something that gives you a little push.

enter html5-boilerplate

Its a frontend template written in html5 with a lot of goodness baked in from the start. Between the css, html, various server configuration files, javascript libraries and profiling, its a huge collection of sane defaults for any web project.

Some of its many features

  • Modernizr
  • html5 css reset
  • cross-browser compatible
  • cdn hosted jquery with local fallback
  • javascript profiling I particularly like how it handles ie specific styles.

You end up with a ie-version class applied to the html tag, which allows you to do ie targeted css all in the same file. For example:

Getting the code

You can get html5-boilerplate on the official site or github

sporkd has created a compass plugin for html5-boilerplate get the code here