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Rewriting Github-badges


In building rawsyntax I wanted to be able to link to my github profile.

After a little searching I found drnic's github-badges. It looked great, and I put it on the sidebar of my site. However, when I went to do crossbrowser testing (I develop in firefox, and crossbrowser test before deploying to production) I found that it caused IE[6,7,8] to crash.

This is a big problem. I believe strongly in graceful degradation / progressive enhancement. It's one thing if IE isn't getting the full experience, but crashing the browser is unacceptable.

At this point, I had to have github-badges on my site. It's simply too cool to do without. Looking at the github-badges project site and the source code. I figured it'd be easier to re-implement than to debug the current code (mostly because I'd rather not debug on IE[6,7,8]).

In searching around for other github-badges alternatives, I didn't anything that looked good and actually worked in all browsers. I did happen upon darkhax's make-your-own-badge-with-jquery-and-jaml post. Between this and drnic's github-badges I cobbled together a solution that works in all browsers, and has the same features as drnic's github-badges. It also has user configurable parameters. Check out the code on github.

UPDATE: I've since removed the github-badges, and added a link to my profile instead