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Who Changed My File


I was troubleshooting slow page loads on a server running rails recently. I noticed that DNS was actually causing an occasional problem with pageloads. For whatever reason my /etc/resolv.conf would get overwritten every once in a while with slow / unresponsive DNS servers. I had manually set them to and, but to my suprise the file had been changed.

I started digging and checking the usual suspects that might alter that file (dhclient, resolvconf ...). I didn't find the problem. This is where auditd comes in handy. Its a daemon that can be setup to watch a file and log what program changed it.

I installed auditd and set it up to watch /etc/resolv.conf and log any write or append actions (as I don't care about who reads it):

auditctl -w /etc/resolv.conf -p wa -k resolvconf

-k here is simply the key by which you can search the audit logs. I edited the file a few times to test auditd and searched its logs:

ausearch -f /etc/resolv.conf

It logs all kinds of info. user id, command run, working directory. I'm blogging it here mostly so don't forget about it.