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Learn Emacs: Useful Links


I have a running series of blog posts on learning emacs. It is a life-long endeavor. In this post I'm going to share some of the emacs resources that I have come across over the years.


This is the definitive source for emacs information (aside from the emacs manual). There's a ton of information there, some of it is outdated, but it's still worth your time.

Steve Yegge's Emacs Posts -- old blog and new blog

All I can say is that Steve Yegge has written a lot about emacs, and has made some awesome elisp contributions. I'm a huge fan of js2-mode. Just do a search for emacs on his old and new blogs. Effective Emacs is a good post to start with.

Avdi Grimm's Emacs Reboot

Avdi Grimm is writing about re-doing his emacs config from scratch. It's very informative and super easy to follow. I've used some ideas from his posts. His emacs config is on github.


This site is relatively new, and there are only a few posts on it right now, but it is quality emacs content.


Emacs screencasts. It's another new site, but I can't argue with free content.


This site is very convenient for getting the latest os x builds of emacs. Or you can run the build-script yourself (source on github).


Search emacs on github. You will find many other emacs users' configs hosted there. Read their configs, and you will learn emacs. I keep my emacs config there.

Did I miss any useful emacs resources?

UPDATE: The users at emacs reddit let me know I forgot a big one. Check out emacs-fu