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Learn Emacs: Keyboard Macros


An emacs keyboard macro is just a recording of user input into emacs, which means that most anything you can do in emacs can be recorded as a macro. Read that again. Pretty powerful.

Here's how it works. To start recording, type

C-x (

and input the commands in your macro. Then type

C-x )

to stop recording. Then type

C-x e

to apply the macro once, or

C-u 0 C-x e

to apply the macro until the bell rings or end of buffer is reached

Keep in mind that you must not ring the bell when defining a keyboard macro (by accident, or with C-g). If you do, you'll have to start all over defining your keyboard macro

Typically I use a keyboard macro when I have a file full of data that needs slight altering, for example a non-standard CSV-like file. I'll define a macro in terms of what needs changing on each line and then apply the macro for each line (until the end of the buffer).

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