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Learn Emacs: Zsh and Multi-Term


I've been experimenting with running multi-term in emacs instead of using an external program like iTerm2. While multi-term is good, it can have some show-stopping problems out of the box. As usual, EmacsWiki has some good tips, but there isn't a comprehensive setup all on one page.

View a short demo of this integration on youtube.

Living With Boxen


About 3 months ago I switched to a new 15" retina macbook pro. My previous OS X install was nearly 4 years old. I did not want to clone the data over because too much cruft had built up. I was left with the question of how to quickly and easily setup a laptop for programming work. I chose Boxen because it was new, and I wanted a repeatable process for machine setup.

Learn Emacs: 24.3 Released and NEWS


Emacs 24.3 was released today. If you're on OS X, the easiest way to check it out is by downloading a build from EmacsForMacOSX.

As for what's new in Emacs 24.3, in true Emacs fashion, we can ask it directly.

M-x view-emacs-news

If you're using Smex M-x will suggest other view-emacs-* commands.

So next time you're wondering about how to do something in Emacs try asking it directly.

M-x info-emacs-manual

Will view the Emacs manual as info pages.